Changing your mind

Changing YOur mind

Many books have been written on the power of pure thoughts,and how profoundly they affect us.

My purpose of this article is not to convince you the power of your thoughts but rather to teach you a simple way to change your thoughts.Most people allow negative thoughts to poison their relationships..especially the one with themselves.

If you wonder whether your thoughts are predominantly negative or positive, you have to only look at your emotions and your reality. They are a reflection of your thoughts, not vice versa.

If you’re feeling lousy, chances are you’re thinking lousy thoughts. If you keep having crummy things happening to you, it’s likely that your thoughts are crummy. Look at your own life for a reality check.

It’s not your fault…kind of. We don’t deliberately choose negative thoughts.
They just pop into our heads, and most of the time pop right blackout. We have somewhere between 40,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day! Most are random, some are positive, but too many are negative. The bad news is the negative ones can easily become habitual, then fester. They make us worry more, or get angrier or become more impatient or fearful. Left unchecked, those thoughts become limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs in turn start reflecting in our reality, since what we predominately think about is what we attract… good or bad.

While we can’t always choose our thoughts, we can control negative ones by changing them immediately.

If you’re willing to do just a little work, mind work and easy work, then you can change your thoughts, change your mind and change your life. Here’s a simple way to stop negative thoughts before they become limiting beliefs.images (1)

First, write down 10 or more negative thoughts you commonly have, such as;
1. I can’t do this
2. I’m never going to have enough time.
3. What if I screw it up?
4. This is going to be so hard.
5. I can’t get going on this.
6. I never have enough money.
7. I’ll never get this done.
8. I can’t forgive her.
9. I’m an ugly cow.
10. I’m such a loser.
11. I’ll never let go of this…
12. I probably won’t get invited anyway.
13. I can’t afford that.
14. What if this doesn’t work?
15. Can I make this last?
16. This isn’t going to work.
Your turn: write down some of your frequent negative thoughts?

“Even though I often have these negative thoughts…and others I can’t even remember,
I’m proud of myself for changing them to positive ones.”

Do another round saying things like; I want to change these thoughts, I want to think positively, I want to
expect the best, I deserve the best, I want to let go of this negative chatter, etc. images

Choose to forgive yourself for the thoughts. It’s a bit like
reprogramming your subconscious (the source of negative thinking.)

1) I allow myself to do this
2) I have more than enough time
3) I allow myself to do this right the first time
4) I choose to make it easy
5) I choose to make it easy to get started
6) I have more than enough money
7) I have more than enough time to do this
8) I choose to forgive her
9) I’m a beautiful person inside and out
10) I deserve prosperity
11) I allow myself to release this anger
12) I choose to find something else interesting to do
13) I can afford that, but choose to save my money
14) I’m the best person for that job and allow them to see it
15) People who matter like me. I choose to be oblivious of the rest
16) I have only positive thoughts about myself and others
17) I allow this to work

If you have negative chatter on the positive thoughts, stop and tap them away;
“Even though I don’t believe this will work, I allow it to work.”

Then for a while be super conscious of your thoughts. Every time you have a negative one, simply toggle it with a positive thought.

If you don’t think this process will work;
Change Your Mind and Think again.
Choose to make everything fun and easy!


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